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  Center Moriches Class of 1941
June 23, 1941
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Listing of Graduates as pictured above - Details filled in by Beatrice (Wilson) Titmus before her death in 2001
Top Row "Boys" are listed in the Left Row below - "Girls" are listed in the Right Row Below
left to right
left to right
Michael Schumchyk
Anna Poznak
Stanley Pollack (Worked Brookhaven Lab)
Cornelia Raynor (teacher)
Warren Intemenn
Antoinette Jaroszewiez
Albert "Binky" Zeneski (Shoestore salesman)
Beatrice Wilson
Van Field
Evelyn "Evie" Abrams
Thomas "Tommy" Sinnickson (Funeral Director)
Marion Zingale
Leonard Smith
Julia Colbert
Ronald Chapman (Real Estate)
Mary Rooney
Robert Gaffga
Dorothy Koegel (Nurse)
Arthur "Arty" Clune
Lois Dayton
Lewis Bowditch (Music Teacher)
Ruth Hartman
Martin Yarosevieg
Aldona Dumont
Edward "Eddie" Syrewieg (Salesman Bayshore Furniture Store)
Grace Harding
John Malentka (Plumber)
Alice Murphy
Walter Reisig (Mailman)
Merle "Peggy" Bowditch
David Schultz (Carpenter)
Florence Bropson
Arthur "Arty" Rumph (Oil Business)
Bernadette Raymond

Gladys Marissal

Margaret "Margie" Barty

NOTE: Lois Robinson was missing from the picture as she had measles the day it was taken
Seniorities - June 13, 1941
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Commencement Program with a list of Graduates